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FAQs - Flip Your Cup

My aunt and my grandmother used to perform coffee readings. It was a really interesting procedure that always drew my attention .The fact that they were able to tell me things about myself that nobody knew and give predictions about the future that were later fulfilled, was both puzzling and exciting. Fascinated by the ability to predict things or see more than the “obvious”, I decided to give it a shot myself. I started at the age of 18 merely for fun, performing coffee readings for friends. I didn't really think much of it back then, so I was really surprised when my friends started giving me positive feedback about my predictions. It was then that I realised I could really do coffee readings and possibly help others find out something more about themselves, about others and future.

To be honest I can see health issues but its my policy, to never talk about them and communicate them to my friends and clients. I consider coffee readings more appropriate for relationship, friendship, career and money issues. Nobody really wants to know about something bad that is about to happen.

This is really up to you but I have to inform you that things don't change in a weekly basis :)

Each reading is both mentally - demanding and time - consuming, so some rest between the readings is needed. Thus, number of readings had to be limited in order to be able to provide a better service.

Yes, 5 is the minimum number of shots giving me a full image of your coffe cup.


1. Please, check the Spam/Junk forlder of your account.

Confirmation e-mails are sent automatically. Nowadays Email-Clients and Servers perform massive checks on the e-mails sending server automatically. Therefore it is quite possible for the confirmation e-mail to be found in the Spam/Junk Folder of your email account.

No, not really.

This is just needed in order to address you in the answering e-mail.

No, you could use your gift anytime you want.

However, it would be wise to use it as soon as you can, as all of us tend to forget things. 

In case there is a need for me to clean-up my database, I will send you an e-mail, in order to confirm if you intend to use it sometime or not.

In any case before submitting, make sure that the photos are quite bright and clean.

There is no refund provided after reading the cup.

According to the standards I set to myself, I can read daily up to 5 coffee cups. In order no to exceed the limits of results delivery, the website does not accept more than 5 submits in 24 hours.

In case you see a message that the total readings per day reached, please keep your coffe cup photos and try again later.

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