A little piece of history

The origins of coffee cup readings stem from the ancient Chinese when -as believed- monks used to read patterns formed on the internal part of bells in temples. Later the art of tealeaves reading ιn handle-less teacup as a logical progression practised for centuries originally by monks who ceremonially drank tea in bell shaped cups.

Around 600 AD Arabs first discovered coffee beans and managed to keep coffee as a secret, having a monopoly on cultivating and drinking coffee for several hundred years. Tealeaves reading was adapted by them to coffee grounds reading , Coffee became known or used as a beverage in Western Europe and the Americas, only in the late 18th century.

Both tealeaves and coffee cup readings are known as Tasseography, or tasseomancy (kafemandeia in Greek).

Throughout the centuries coffee cup reading art is very much alive nowadays in Greece, Persia, Russia, Armenia and Yugoslavia.

What about me?

My aunt and my grandmother used to perform coffee readings. It was a really interesting procedure that always drew my attention .The fact that they were able to tell me things about myself that nobody knew and give predictions about the future that were later fulfilled, was both puzzling and exciting. Fascinated by the ability to predict things or see more than the “obvious”, I decided to give it a shot myself. I started at the age of 18 merely for fun, performing coffee readings for friends. I didn't really think much of it back then, so I was really surprised when my friends started giving me positive feedback about my predictions. It was then that I realised I could really do coffee readings and possibly help others find out something more about themselves, about others and future.

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